Are You Shopping For New Floors?

Here's What To Look For

Chances are if you are already looking at new flooring, your decision to update has already been made. But before you buy, let's discuss your decision. Many consumers make hundreds decisions about their homes each year. Whether their current floors are outdated or the homeowners are just ready for a change, each year millions of people hit the home improvement and flooring stores in search of the perfect product for their homes. Here at Keith Clay Floors, we want you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for your home based on what you need, and what you select with your home decor.

There are many factors to consider when you're in the market for new floors. Keith Clay Floors believes that one of the most important things to remember is that finding the right flooring material to meet your needs is vital if you want to be happy with the finished product. If you aren't happy, then you've wasted your money. No matter what, it's something you will see and walk on it everyday so it needs to be right the first time. While there are many different types of floors available to you, not all materials are going to provide you with what you're looking for.

Here are a few things we think you need to consider when you are shopping around for the perfect flooring product.

Tip Number One: If you have kids, look for kid friendly floors. If you have young children or pets in your home, it is important to remember that, although they are adorable, they are going to make messes. And lots of them. So you need to be prepared and purchase something that will clean up with as little effort as possible.

But just because you know your little angels are going to wreak havoc on your home doesn't mean you can't have the floors you really want. There are many kid safe flooring materials out there that you can choose from.

If carpet is at the top of your list (and this is a great flooring choice to have in kids; rooms since the majority of their play time is spent on the floor, then look for a durable carpet that cleans easily. Stainmaster carpets have always done well and are great for small children. They are easy to clean and most stains are repelled before they have a chance to stain at all.

If you would rather have wood floors but are afraid of the maintenance and possible damage from your kids spilling liquids, then a beautiful wood laminate floors may be the perfect alternative. Laminate is now available in many different colors and type of wood look. It is easy to maintain and a breeze to clean.

If carpet and wood or wood laminate don't seem like the right choice for your home, there are other materials available that work well with kids, including tile, vinyl and eco-friendly options like concrete and cork. Tile is great for clean-ups and is fairly durable. Although concrete can definitely jazz up a space and is extremely durable, it is obviously very hard and may not be a great choice if you have small children who tend to play a lot in the house.

Area rugs can help with color and style, but all in all you are the best one to evaluate what best suits you and your family.

Tip Number Two: Please take the time to do your homework. Before you head out to the store to look for your new floors, spend a little time doing research online. Make a list of what you want in flooring materials and look for the best match. New flooring options are emerging everyday and unconventional flooring products are becoming more and more popular in homes and businesses. Even Green Flooring options have become a large consideration with most families eager to do their part.

Tip Number Three: Beware of maintenance and what it will require to keep your floors in tip top shape. If you aren't the kind of person who likes to clean or who likes to maintain things, there are certain flooring products you just aren't going to like. Keep in mind that all floors require some type of maintenance, whether it is regular cleaning or sealing, but some floors require more treatment than others. When you are researching flooring choices, be sure to look up what is required to maintain the floors once they are installed. You can always talk to us here at Keith Clay Floors for additional advice, we have been in business a long time and have invaluable information to assist you in making your best decisions.

Now that you are armed with facts and information, give us a call and together we can find the right product for your home. Remember, it's not important what the sales associate, your neighbor or your mother-in-law wants you to get. Choosing the right floors for you is what's most important throughout the process. We are here to help you right from the start.

Keith Clay has been in business for almost 28 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604. World Class Craftsmanship. Reasonable Prices.

Oak Or Exotic: What Will It Be?

Let's Nail Down Your Choices

Are you aware that hardwood flooring represents about two thirds of the flooring in the industry, and more specifically oak flooring. Statistics from HGTV tell us that Oak hardwood floors still accounts for about two-thirds of all installed hardwood flooring in America. That is an awesome number. But we know a secret. What would you say if we told you that it is positively losing ground to its exotic cousins?

To be more specific, the NWFA indicates just that and they say that there are reasons for that. Factors vary depending on who has your ear at the moment, but in general, the wide range of hardwood from other countries, especially Brazil, Australia and Asia, really are gaining a foothold in the overall industry. These fabulous woods seem to be nailing down most new and existing home owner choices, and quite quickly.

Another secret is out of bag. It's one of perspective, but nevertheless is an interesting observation from an industry professional. "There has been a trend for several years for exotic hardwoods to increase in popularity", "says Anita Howard of the National Wood Flooring Association in Chesterfield, Mo. The number-one reason: price. They're more reasonable than they used to be," she says. They're also more available, as interest grows and lower pricing makes them more attractive.

Consumers also are intrigued by the possibilities that avoid the need to alter their wood choices drastically with stains. "These species offer a broader range of colors, so you can use the natural species rather than staining oak to a particular color," Anita says. "More people today want to forgo stain and try a different wood type with a natural stain instead."

The options vary from black and purple to pink and gold. "The possibilities are just endless," she says. "Some are used for accents rather than an entire floor, to add some interest." Many of the woods also have more "personality" than oak, she notes, with mineral streaks or knotholes that give them a unique look.

For purposes of this article, let Keith Clay Floors acquaint you with some more information on some of the most popular woods right now:

Brazilian cherry is totally hot right now. This beautifully seasoned wood has a russet or reddish-brown color, and contains a medium to somewhat coarse grain on visual inspection. Slightly more stable than red oak, which is nice to know; and it requires a longer than normal acclimation period. It also is more difficult to saw due to its high density. If you have additional questions about that be sure to call me.

Cork flooring is also extremely popular. It comes in a spectrum of shades from light to dark and has a familiar grain that's unlike other woods; it is really bark from a type of oak tree. One of the great features about Cork is it has a lot of give to it. It's become popular due to its prominence on design shows and because its cushioning effect and naturally pest free makes it a strong choice for homes with elderly people and children. It is quite common in today's market and more and more designers and decorators alike are finding very creative ways to use this quite sustainable green flooring product.

Bamboo has become the buzz word for sustainable. Truth be known, bamboo is actually a grass, but it is considered a wood due to its hardness qualities. Bamboo has become extremely popular with green building proponents due to its rapid regrowth, which is what makes it highly sustainable. We are talking replacement in only 4 years. That is awesome, if you want to purchase and save the environment. It comes in manila/yellow tones as well as dark shades, and what makes it have so much character are the grain pattern shows nodes from the bamboo stalks. Very distinctive and quite in demand.

Wenge is another more communally recognized wood and has become popular for accessories and accents. This nearly black wood, which comes from Africa, is pretty obscure and is sometimes difficult to obtain; hence demand can be higher than supply. Which may be why it has been used more and more; it seems to be very popular as an accent wood. Make sure your floor person has carbide tools, this tough wood can be hard to cut.

Bubinga. If you have never heard of this beauty, check it out. Deep Burgundy in color, this African wood has a fine grain and does saw quite easily. A light touch is required when nailing, and hand-hammering without use of machine assist works best. Beauty is more than skin deep here; it truly glows.

Sydney Blue Gum is another overlooked species and has not been used much in the past. One interesting note about this chameleon is over time, this wood's color mutes from a spectrum of pink to burgundy red to become a medium brown-red. It's very hard and will require installers to have those tough carbide blades to cut it effectively. Longevity is nice.

Whatever exotic you decide to use; make sure you talk to Keith Clay before you make your decision. Cutting, installation techniques, environment, as well as humidity and proximity to water all may play a key role for proper installation. Increasing the value of your home or business is an investment you want to take full advantage of over time. Call us today won't you. Keith Clay Floors knows flooring; and has 25 years experience to back up his knowledge. Trust the best and call us today at 972-463-6604 and know you are getting World Class Craftsmanship At Reasonable Prices. It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This.

If you have a project that you will undertake this year, we invite you to call us. Keith Clay has been in business for almost 25 years now. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. In January of 2011, Keith Clay Floors was awarded the Super Service Award from Angies List. That says it all really, if you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604. You will be so glad you did.

What Criteria Do You Use For Qualifying A Green Floor

What Makes A Green Floor Green?

Providing consumers with choices for flooring materials is the normal way to conduct business both for residential and commercial floor products in today's economy. Offering a variety of products based on the criteria one establishes as 'Green', is a process that varies, depending on who you talk to. Often what one person considers green, is not considered 'Green' at all by others. A good way to settle this question is to begin with the evaluation process itself. In particular the criteria which is used to gauge green traits.

That said, Keith Clay Floors begins with the obvious, making the statement that it is difficult to evaluate any given product on its own merit without other things to consider. Let us begin by saying, our choices are limited to our alternatives we have immediate access to either locally or by placing an order for and be able to receive in a reasonable amount of time. Some could offer specials seasonally, or offer closeouts with major discounts. While these may not impact the green standard, one important factor to note is, what will be the least detrimental or most beneficial impact on the environment.

Often, there doesn't seem to be a perfect solution or criteria that will suffice for everyone; so we start with what we consider the best choices to be.

Each product decision will be determined by a balanced multi-faceted model approach. After a quick look at where the product location is, and what characteristics it needs to have; (like direct sun vs. humid location etc.), and colors needed. In addition you must have verified, current information about best practices accepted in the industry, (i.e.EPA Guidelines), and acceptance by your peers to make the best decision for your client or customer.

In general Keith Clay Floors agrees with the following criteria in determining a what is a Green Flooring Product, and we would like to present these points to you to use as guidelines when considering what a green product is for you.

Flooring Factors To Be Considered In Making A Decision If Something Is A Green Floors:

  • Keep it Simple And Consistent with EPA Guidelines
  • Maintain Consistent Flooring Categories During This Process
  • All Parties Adopt Environmental Practices
  • Manufacturing Processes Are Not Detrimental To The Environment
  • Agree That Distribution, Packaging, Transportation, Environmentally Friendly Leed Credits Apply
  • The Flooring Materials & Can Be Replaced Within A Lifetime Of Years
  • These Same Products Made With Recycled Materials
  • These Recycled Products Can Be Disposed Of, Be Easily Reused, or Downsized For Another Product
  • These Flooring Products Are Toxin Free & Meet Air Quality Standards
  • Flooring Materials Have An Extended Life Cycle Which Reduces Costs & The Impact On The Environment
  • Installation Is Easy And Uses VOC Adhesives
  • Maintenance Is Friendly Uses Low Toxic Cleaning Materials & Saves Water In The Process
  • These Products Come From Forests Certified In Rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Understand That Purchasing These Products You Are Helping Conserve Forests With Responsible Wood

Green flooring is, and always has been, a huge part of the green building process, and whether you know it or not, it's usually the largest surface in a home. Stop and think about that for a few minutes. Along with the walls, the floor is in every room, outside on the patio or deck, and even in the garage. What is considered Green building also accounts for overall construction of the building, waste and materials used in every area of the home or building project.

Truly green building designs generally consist of products made from resources that are renewable, sustainable and/or made locally. Making sure that you are aware of what is Green, what is available in the selection process, and what options are recommended for your particular location should always be your first considerations. Once you know this, Keith Clay Floors is sure we can work together with you to find flooring solutions that you will be happy with for years to come. Call us today to discover what Green Flooring options are things to consider.

Trends In Flooring For 2011

Are You Ready To Make The Leap?

Now more than ever, educated buyers across our nation are looking at their floors and have made the decision to educate themselves on what new flooring materials may be in the marketplace for for home or business. With so many types, styles, and environmentally sustainable products out there, we ask you are you ready to make the leap and put down what you love in your property?

Residential or Commercial used to be very different decisions; while today's markets may only distinguish life expectancy as one critical issue in the selection process. While lifestyle does factor in for the residential setting, it can also be about what you love to look at simply because it's absolutely beautiful.

And so you have it. Flooring at it's finest. Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. And what better way to decide than to find out more about them all. So let's begin!

What is really still out there to consider?

Ethical Floor Coverings - Now more than ever, it's easy for the average homeowner to make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to home flooring products. With terms like green, environmentally safe, and sustainable all categories can contribute.

Laminate Flooring - Which originally came from Europe, can honestly say right now in 2011, these truly beauty products called laminate floors have taken over the floor covering market with the practical benefits of being durable, hard wearing, and beauty in a variety of colors and textures. Laminates are replicating stone, and granite for endless decorating possibilities. Color combinations tickle the fancy of designers across the nation eager for that perfect place.

Hardwood Floors - Markets for today's hardwood floors are adding old world elegance with a new twist, by suggesting that moving more toward distressed planks, wider widths, and the introduction of exotic woods, you achieve better results than similar products in past years. Variety in wood is the norm and not the exception

Fiber Floor - is definitely the flooring choice and still finds some grip. Easy to install, no gluing required. Moving? Just pick it up and take it with you. How easy is that really?

Vinyl Flooring - Manufacturer new product offerings now have the look of stone, ceramic tiles and hardwood - sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles are a natural solution for today's homeowner looking for quality and design.

Linoleum - You may ask if it's still here and the answer would be Yes. The original environmentally friendly floor covering, linoleum is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns, and is still very suitable for any decorating solution.

Floor Tile - Which can still be a decorators dream come true, these wonderful ceramic floor tiles offer timeless beauty and durability. Travertine tile is also another flooring option becoming more and more popular this year, and of course finishes are all the rage.

Rugs - Expensive or Reasonable, take your pick. These versatile splashes of color can ground a room, giving it personality and function and reflect the style you desire. This year, luxurious shag rugs are a big hit with decorators, as are big fur. Who would have thought it would ever be back in?

Carpet - Without a doubt, the all time most practical home flooring, carpet brings color and warmth into every room. Endless patterns, colors and textures still make carpet the number one selling floor covering today for both retail and commercial. You can even create your own now!

Cork Flooring - Sustainable, pest free, comfortable to walk on, incredibly warm underfoot, you have but to discover the beauty of cork floors.

Bamboo Floors - A sustainable and environmentally friendly hardwood, bamboo is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring trends and is now available in a variety of styles and color to match any decor.

So there you have it. The best of the best and now you can choose. Any or all for that matter. It's no longer just about do I do hardwoods anymore. Move over honey, variety is the spice of life! Call Keith Clay Floors today and let us help you get your new floors ordered and installed. 972-463-6604

Discover Benefits of Wood Floors

Why Use Wood Flooring?

Wood floors have become a great sustainable resource and very popular with interior decorators and designers since 2009. They happen to be naturally Green! Back to the basics, it's finally stylish to use hardwood floors of all kinds. Quickly regrown, the standard types of wood flooring available in today's market are the most abundantly renewable flooring material available.

How is this possible? Due to the replace theory's put into practice by most mills and manufacturers. One for 3 replanted is a good rule of thumb, and the fact that these trees used to make wood floors are produced in in most forests in short order by renewable source considerations. Sustainable forest management makes it possible to harvest wood without any serious impact on the environment, because trees are a renewable resource that can be replaced time and time again as long as land is readily available.

Here are some statistics provided by NWFA that may be helpful for you to consider when thinking about possible using wood as a replacement for your current flooring:

  • Average annual net growth for hardwoods is greater than average annual removals (Source: US Department of Agriculture Forest Service)
  • Indoor air quality if better with wood floors (Source: US Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Wood is a carbon neutral product that produces oxygen during its growth cycle and stores carbon during its service life (Source: University of Wisconsin Wood Products Program Solid Wood Flooring Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Wood floors use less water and energy to produce that other flooring options (Source: University of Wisconsin Wood Products Program Solid Wood Flooring Life Cycle Analysis)
  • At the end of its service life wood flooring can be burned as fuel or recycled. (Source: University of Wisconsin Wood Products Program Solid Wood Flooring Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Wood floors last hundreds of years, so won't need to be replaced as often as other flooring options (Source: National Association of Home Builders)
  • While it takes most hardwood trees 40-60 years to mature, the inventory planted today won't be needed for 100-plus years (Source: National Wood Flooring Association)

Most valuable educational materials about wood flooring and trends in the market are readily available from the National Wood Flooring Association. They have been educating people, manufacturers, and designers for over 25 years. Learning about environmental impact and benefits for using wood products will always be relavant as long as people choose wood to build with. From framing to flooring, wood is the main source for housing and small commercial construction projects today. Until something else comes along, wood is a necessary resource for our current economy. Making sure it is always replenished and keeping inventory viable for the future is something kept in the forefront of suppliers of all types wood products.

Education is the vehicle our culture has chosen to keep you abreast of the current conditions that exist in the marketplace. Which in turn means as an educated consumer you are able to make educated decisions in your selections about products you use in building and remodeling your new home or business.

If you have any questions about the types of wood to consider, installation and maintenance of wood floors; please give us a call. For over 35 years our staff at Keith Clay has done the homework you need to be able to make the best decisions you can about wood flooring, wood products, and reclaimed wood floors for your homes and business.

Thank you NWFA for the statistics contained in this article. For more information please find out more about wood there.

Keith Clay has been in business for almost 28 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604. World Class Craftsmanship. Reasonable Prices.

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