Trends In Flooring For 2011

Are You Ready To Make The Leap?

Now more than ever, educated buyers across our nation are looking at their floors and have made the decision to educate themselves on what new flooring materials may be in the marketplace for for home or business. With so many types, styles, and environmentally sustainable products out there, we ask you are you ready to make the leap and put down what you love in your property?

Residential or Commercial used to be very different decisions; while today's markets may only distinguish life expectancy as one critical issue in the selection process. While lifestyle does factor in for the residential setting, it can also be about what you love to look at simply because it's absolutely beautiful.

And so you have it. Flooring at it's finest. Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. And what better way to decide than to find out more about them all. So let's begin!

What is really still out there to consider?

Ethical Floor Coverings - Now more than ever, it's easy for the average homeowner to make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to home flooring products. With terms like green, environmentally safe, and sustainable all categories can contribute.

Laminate Flooring - Which originally came from Europe, can honestly say right now in 2011, these truly beauty products called laminate floors have taken over the floor covering market with the practical benefits of being durable, hard wearing, and beauty in a variety of colors and textures. Laminates are replicating stone, and granite for endless decorating possibilities. Color combinations tickle the fancy of designers across the nation eager for that perfect place.

Hardwood Floors - Markets for today's hardwood floors are adding old world elegance with a new twist, by suggesting that moving more toward distressed planks, wider widths, and the introduction of exotic woods, you achieve better results than similar products in past years. Variety in wood is the norm and not the exception

Fiber Floor - is definitely the flooring choice and still finds some grip. Easy to install, no gluing required. Moving? Just pick it up and take it with you. How easy is that really?

Vinyl Flooring - Manufacturer new product offerings now have the look of stone, ceramic tiles and hardwood - sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles are a natural solution for today's homeowner looking for quality and design.

Linoleum - You may ask if it's still here and the answer would be Yes. The original environmentally friendly floor covering, linoleum is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns, and is still very suitable for any decorating solution.

Floor Tile - Which can still be a decorators dream come true, these wonderful ceramic floor tiles offer timeless beauty and durability. Travertine tile is also another flooring option becoming more and more popular this year, and of course finishes are all the rage.

Rugs - Expensive or Reasonable, take your pick. These versatile splashes of color can ground a room, giving it personality and function and reflect the style you desire. This year, luxurious shag rugs are a big hit with decorators, as are big fur. Who would have thought it would ever be back in?

Carpet - Without a doubt, the all time most practical home flooring, carpet brings color and warmth into every room. Endless patterns, colors and textures still make carpet the number one selling floor covering today for both retail and commercial. You can even create your own now!

Cork Flooring - Sustainable, pest free, comfortable to walk on, incredibly warm underfoot, you have but to discover the beauty of cork floors.

Bamboo Floors - A sustainable and environmentally friendly hardwood, bamboo is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring trends and is now available in a variety of styles and color to match any decor.

So there you have it. The best of the best and now you can choose. Any or all for that matter. It's no longer just about do I do hardwoods anymore. Move over honey, variety is the spice of life! Call Keith Clay Floors today and let us help you get your new floors ordered and installed. 972-463-6604

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