2011 Flooring Trends

Ethical Flooring Choices

Healthier Choice was the standout this year at the Flooring Industry's largest convention across the board. The selections considered were part of a panel of judges who provided reports of industry's top floor covering editors and installation experts.

Ethical flooring choices are on many home owners minds this year, simply because it has become so popular. Since the 1960's going green has begun to takes it's place into the thought process' about everything we can when it comes to building, remodeling and construction of both commercial and residential properties. When it comes right down to it, we all need to think green and do our part.

Choosing the right flooring for your home or office is a major decision and is the other side of the equation you often don't have a lot of information about. Hardwoods are truly an investment, and it's one that you will probably live with for a long time. Keith Clay Floors encourages you to choose wisely and build green whenever you can. It's a really great way to show that you care about our earth and its future. After all if we all start doing it, we all better off right!

That said, there are many flooring options that will help to conserve energy, preserve our forests and other resources while avoiding excessive costs or future problems. Buying quality products at affordable prices and things manufactured here in the USA may also worth checking into. Increased awareness means most homeowners are fast realizing the dangers of using products for the home that can be detrimental to the environment, as well as to the residents who live there. Architects, manufacturers, builders and decorators and the floor coverings industries at large are now recognizing and suggesting flooring products that protect the environment and the people who live and work in the buildings. With multiple industries like Leeds, and the EPA, more and more cities are offering all types of rebates for both home and business from everything from wood to appliances.

Most reputable flooring manufacturers are acknowledging their responsibility to the environment. Corporate policies, huge brands like Bellefloor and Bruce have developed manufacturing processes that are totally environmentally friendly and toxin free. These companies can take pride in their efforts to help conserve forests and at the same time provide full value to their loyal customers. Sustaining the environment includes replanting programs and compliance in a big way with ever changing regulations.

A new trend sweeping the country involves the ability to replace existing carpet with environmentally friendly flooring such as reclaimed wood, linoleum, cork or bamboo. These types of flooring are not only helpful to the environment, but are also coveted for their exquisite beauty, texture and form. A variety of species are readily available, and costs are certainly no more than regular new milled woods. The reuse of wood found in old buildings such as barns, hotels or railroad cars is an emerging trend across the country and designers are screaming for it. While the obvious character and patina of these woods are lovely and desirable, the cost can be somewhat prohibitive if you are not prepared to make the long term investment.

Keith Clay Floors encourages you to "Choose Wisely". Newer products, such as cork and bamboo are excellent choices for use in buildings that use energy savers such as radiant heat. Bamboo floors are a hardwood product that is created by using the harvested stalk of the bamboo plant. Cork floors are made from the harvested bark of the cork tree. Either is completely sustainable. Be sure to inquire as to which manufacturers are implementing 'green' practices if that is important in moving forward with your project. Many hardwood flooring products from China contain formaldehyde - an extremely toxic substance, and Keith Clay Floors can point you in the right direction.

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