Select The Right Floor

Use These Steps As A Guide

How do you go about selecting the perfect floor for your home or business office is a question that bears some vital discussion. Here at Keith Clay Floors, we feel that more often than not, most consumers seem overwhelmed by trying to make a final flooring selection. Lots of types and colors are out there and nowdays the composition of the flooring is huge compared to years past. We believe there are some general guidelines that may be helpful to you in making the proper flooring selection for your home.

What Type of Floor - Is it wood, tile, marble, brick, or something exotic like bamboo or cork? Think about traffic, use, exposure to water and sunlight, and will it be covered anywhere by rugs. If you still can't decide then move to the next step and once you have a color, then narrow it down to what options from above meet the criteria and move on into the next selection.

Select The Right Color - When you decide to go ahead with getting new flooring, start with color. That is easy when you begin the process of thinking about the tones of furniture you have. Remember that you don't have to make sure that everything needs to match. It's not the absolute anymore. Contrasting tones make for a much more pleasing design and aesthetic vision.

You Need To Really Define your Style - Are you formal or relaxed, common or one of a kind, and do you like wood or ceramic? There are opportunities to mix and match style, but overall, after the appearance will be complete; a selection is made. Most flooring is pre-selected by manufacturers in categories. These include most styles out there and all you have to do is see what goes with your color selected, these styles include Traditional, Unique, Tile and Hand-Scraped.

Consider What Size Planks - There are a variety of widths and lengths. Long, wide planks create an authentic hardwood look. Slim planks offer a strip-hardwood appearance. Distressed wood, antique wood or reclaimed wood feature additional options with knots and grain textures, which can be an addition to the overall look and feel of the architecture and features of the room. What really enhances your furniture and fabrics?

Look at Manufacturer Photography for ideas in making flooring selections for your home. They take hundreds of photos of rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, patios, both indoor and outdoor all around the world. Finding something you love is really the best guide you have to go by. Once you find it, call us here at Keith Clay Floors. We can let you know if there is any reason why you can't install it in the location you have selected. We may be able to help you narrow down the choices if you have several; call us right now.

Here is your quick Clay Floors Checklist:

  • Creating your personality for a room.
  • Decorating accents with simple touches can be very dramatic.
  • Choosing a Color Palette that suits your style.
  • Selecting the Perfect Floor using the right tones to make a statement in the room.
  • Define your Style and Select a Size
  • Select a Size
  • Mixing Styles & Materials.
  • Stay On Budget

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