Mexican Saltillo Tile Floors

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Tuscan Home

As the Real Estate market whips back into shape; many home owners alike are asking questions about what can be done to enhance the visual beauty of their Southwest Style homes when they put them on the market.

Keith Clay Floors believes that as the industry recovers you can start now and be ready when things are back in full swing. So if you are thinking of putting your house on the market at some point this year, consider using Saltillo Mexican Tile for some of that replacement flooring in your home or business.

Saltillo Tile will definitely add ambiance to the southwestern flavor of a Tucson home. Saltillo Tile is known to be a soft tile made in particular areas in Mexico like it's namesake; where a specific variety of clay can be used that provides that wonderful color and texture with distinct markings.

The native clays are formed into tile then baked in the hot sun and then fired to make it hard. Unique to Saltillo style Mexican tiles is what takes place while it dries. During the sun drying stage of the process birds, coyotes and other desert dwellers leave their foot prints in the drying tile. The result is no individual tile is ever alike. Distinction can be beneficial attribute in the resale of your home.

Saltillo tile is a soft tile unlike ceramic or porcelain tile; and for this reason it is quite porous and has to be sealed regularly. It is usually laid with a large joint between tile and mortar is often used instead of grout. Existing floors shine and gleam with regular cleaning and polishing prior to this resealing. Many would say it is this aspect that is unique and becoming quite popular in the southwest states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and the like.

Keith Clay recommends regular maintenance for your new or existing Saltillo floor to keep it at it's glamorous appeal. The main point here is the sealing. Once it is sealed; it can be maintained easily. At least once a year have your floor professionally cleaned and resealed. After sealing, you may in the interim consider this point in case for regular maintenance:

Simple maintenance regularly through the year means the tile is well maintained and will take much less time to have professionally cleaned at the appropriate time. Keith Clay Floors makes this maintenance recommendation after we do the initial clean and seal:

  • Keep your Saltillo tile floor clean with a regular wash of white vinegar and water when it is needed
  • Allow the floor to dry completely and you may need to use a fan in high humidity
  • Apply a recommended product for Saltillo floors with a mop for a deep luster and great shine
  • Repeat the Process every 6 to 8 weeks depending on traffic

Consider installation of Saltillo Tile Floors now before the market gears up this spring. Installation of new or professionally cleaning the floors you have is a great tip for the new 2010 new year. If you are unfamiliar with how to take care of your Saltillo Tile floor then pick up the phone right now and let's discuss the type of tile you have and Keith Clay Floors can make a specific recommendation on how to keep it shining and clean year round.

Here's to setting the industry standard for your home.

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