Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

Green Floors Are Awesome

What's New out there in the flooring world that is considered Green and a sustainable resource?

Here's something you may be interested in. How about considering a Tigerwood Floor!

What is Tigerwood:

Tigerwood comes from a tree with the botanical name of Astronium fraxinifolium predominantly found in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The actual wood itself is like many exotic woods with a hardness rating of 1850 on the Janka scale. Production of this really interesting wood requires exceptional care during the drying process, to ensure the wood is not damaged. This hardwood floor type is superior in dimensional stability than many other hardwood floors out there in the markeplace. Tigerwood is naturally resistant to beetles. This is an awesome quality to have in the world of homes.

Tigerwood flooring has a very unusual look, and is the reason it acquired its name because of its striated patterns. This is also why it is also known as zebrawood. The background colors are usually a moderate tan to light brown color with stripes of a somewhat chocolate brown color. This darker band of color darkens on exposure to sunlight but, in general is considered not to darken more than most other hardwood floors. In most cases, when it darkens, the background color becomes a darker red color from its original reddish tan. The overall effect When this happens is that the darker striations become muted.

Sanding Tigerwood floors requires careful work. Highly susceptible to scratches, which could damage its appearance. Keith Clay Floors recommends a carbide tipped saws for cutting. Tigerwood hardwood flooring can be nailed down, but pre–boring is advisable. Gluing is also an acceptable option.

Tigerwood is extremely popular flooring choice which gives a room a rich, beautiful and elegant appearance. The final product of this high–end floor is a phenomenal sight. Tigerwood is also used in making paneling, shutters and fine furniture, so has many of the natural green products applications.

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