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Floor Installation - Hot Flooring Trends

Hot new trends in flooring may surprise you, even in light of recent hardwood flooring news. Here at Keith Clay Floors we keep a close eye on the flooring industry trends around the nation; and since hardwoods took a beating with the latest rounds of chemicals violations from Chinese manufacturers, be aware that superior quality in hardwood flooring is still out there.

Qualified installers can ease your mind by making purchases that do meet current specifications and industry standards. Keith Clay has been in business for over 25 years to make sure you have quality flooring, superior flooring installation, and warranty's on the products you select from manufacturers.

Bearing that in mind lets talk about what is going on right now as far as Hot Trends In Flooring you may find interesting, especially if you will be considering a new flooring installation or refinishing project to maintain the integrity of your investment.

Freelance writer Mary Umberger has covered real estate and home-related products for serious publications from California to New York, and her perspective is well respected in the flooring industry. In one of her latest articles she reports on luxury vinyl, carpeting, and wood flooring installation and types.

"In the flooring world, carpeting is getting softer. Wood is getting more roughed-up. And vinyl is getting more luxurious" Mary says. Armstrong flooring in the remnants collections speak volumes to what is available for you to purchase for your home, commercial, and industrial settings in beautiful flooring products.

Another item of particular interest in the last 2 years is vinyl. According to Scott Humphrey, chief executive of the World Floor Covering Association, he believes that the vinyls in today's marketplace define an extraordinary photo technology that mimics just about any material so close, that you have to look twice to see that it's really vinyl. Where needed these new technology breakthroughs are a positive for the industry as a whole. Daycare centers, institutions, to mention a few can benefit greatly on the design perspective and maintain health standards from frequent cleanings.

Wood floor discussions talk about many current design choices like the open concept, and the great room which have united kitchens and family rooms into one large expansive space. Consistent flooring materials of all types is a big part of that design aesthetic, as well as endurance over the life of the floor. Making it beautiful and on budget has never been easier.

On another note, new considerations you may want to educate yourself about are current trends in light of new design options. Laminate versions of wood with cores of other elements, do provide great structural stability. More stability means less movement and it's a win win if a strict budget is required.

Preferences for floor installations in most hardwoods selections are leaning toward the use of darker stains, and a growing interest in gray tones. Using larger planks, using multiple-sized planks, and using exotic species like hickory, cherry, walnut are all new options for consideration in this years projects.

Be on the lookout for more wood floors that have been hand-scraped and hand-textured. It is very likely that most people in home or business setting will be willing to pay for a new floor, but they want it to look old. Keeping an eye on the integrity of your investment in any location is a welcome priority in today's diverse marketplace.

What about the Green flooring aspects? A growing segment of the market is continuing turn to reclaimed woods, which have been salvaged from older residential flooring and even from old barns. The look is beautiful, sturdy and distinctively antique in visibility. Properly treated, installed, and finished is all part of the process and certainly requires someone like Clay Floors to get it done right the first time you install.

Tile of all types is truly larger than life. T size of each Ceramic tile is getting bigger - literally. In today's markets, tile now comes in formats larger than the standard 12-by-12 inches. While there are many geographical preferences, you may even see tiles that look like hardwoods... The digital print world is going crazy like that, using these new techniques on laminate counter tops, vinyl tiles, and ceramic as well.

What is your desired look in flooring installation these days? If you are not sure what to select, call Clay Floors in Dallas to help you decide. By educating you aboutwhat options are best for your particular setting and design selections, means our qualified staff here at Clay Floors is here to make your job easy. Professional products, professional installation, and regular maintenance are all part of our business ethic.

Keith Clay has been in business for almost 28 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604.

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Choose Marble Restoration

Food For Thought

Replacement vs restoration is always an issue isn't it. Marble floor restoration, hardwood floor restoration, tile floor restoration, all have different considerations that may determine for you what is best for your location. Let's discuss marble floor restoration in Dallas right now. The ongoing price for marble restoration could come in on a bid at several times lower than entire floor, steps, counter-tops, and tiles replacement, depending on sub straight and location. Remember restoration is a big time saver. In commercial settings, work may be completed at night and will go a long way in not shutting down large areas in retail or commercial building settings.

Restoration on a marble floor means you can be seeing a smoother surface and beautiful shine, just like it was brand new. Grinding and polishing can be fixed over the entire surface on those deepest scratches or gaps. Using colored epoxy, especially designed for such works is always an option. You are asking yourself is it really possible. Let's explore here what may effect the answer to that question.

Can A Marble Restoration Look New?

  • Has Proper Care Been A Priority?
  • Has The Marble Lost The Original Shine?
  • Can It Be Brought Back To The Original Appearance?
  • What If Any Marble Related Damages Are There?

Marble loses its original appearance for many reasons. Daily wear and tear and improper care and maintenance are the biggest culprits. Clay Floors would like an opportunity to speak with you about protection and proper maintenance of your marble floor in Dallas. Keith understands the value of your one time investment of having a marble floor, and how important it is to keep them looking as new as ever over the life of the floor. Keith has a solution for you in the marble floor restoration process in Dallas, Frisco, Plano and Richardson. Call us today at 972-463-6604 and let us speak with you about bringing that marble floor back to life again.

Marble Restoration Considerations

Marble restoration requires skill. Clay Floors has 25 years experience. Marble restoration and granite restoration is definitely a process that requires special equipment, chemicals, abrasives, and Clay Floors is a professional. Since each floor is location specific, call us to come and discuss the elements needed to make your floor restoration a success. Take a look at some of those elements listed below.

Marble restoration may include:

  • Dull spot or etching removal from the surface
  • Chips & Cracks Repair
  • Marble Scratches & Marble Stains Removal
  • Marble Cleaning & Marble Refinishing
  • Marble Sealing & Marble Stain Proofing
  • Marble Grinding
  • Marble Polishing
  • Marble Buffing
  • Marble Crystallizing

If you have additional questions regarding the restoration of your marble, please let us know. Proper  marble restoration techniques and procedures are always a requirement. Wall and furniture protection issues may be specific for your site as well, and if diamond grinding will be required, water issues will need to be discussed ahead of time, so no other flooring is damaged.

Clay Floors understands the value of time and budget. Please contact us and let us to restore your marble to a greater level for reasonable price. Clay Floors in Dallas provides World Class Craftsmanship at Reasonable Prices in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, and all Dallas Suburbs. Call us today at 972-463-6604. A flooring professional is standing by to speak with you.

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Dallas Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Professionals For Over 25 Years

Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing DallasProfessional refinishing for hardwood floors in your home or business is a great way to always feature the true beauty of your wood floors. Clay Floors in Dallas has been serving customers just like you for over 25 years. We love adding to the life and value of your home by keeping them beautiful all the time.

Clay Floors Specializes in hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor cleaning, and hardwood floor maintenance.  Keith Clay at Clay Floors has developed techniques have been refined by 25 years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry. Clay Floors is dedicated to providing cost-effective and high quality refinishing which will brighten up every room in your home.

Our staff professional’s can determine the best kind of finish for your floors and we will make sure that proper floor preparation is completed before the refinishing process begins. Any repairs necessary for the floor will be quoted prior to the new finish being applied.

Clay Floors professionals will first sand your floors to remove all scratches and old finish. All proper Bona approved dust containment methods will be used to ensure a clean and safe environment while the quality refinishing is completed.

Keith Clay at Clay Floors is your best choice in the Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, Garland, Rockwall city locations here in Texas.  Professional hardwood floor refinishing services here at Clay Floor is the best over 25 years can provide.  Our goals have always been to provide you with a truly beautiful floor. It’s what all you want.

Keith Clay has been in business for almost 28 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604. World Class Craftsmanship. Reasonable Prices.

Make Your Marble Floors Like New

Focus On Marble Refinishing Stripping & Installation

Professional Marble Restoration FriscoAre your Marble floors looking dull? Did you know Keith at Keith Clay Floors can make them look like new? If you miss that glossy, reflective finish that shifts with changes in the sunlight, then restore that beautiful look and add elegance back to your room. Clay Floors is the right professional for your floor needs.  The only remaining question is which service best suits your needs?

Clean Polish Restore Or Resurface

A simple call today at 972-463-6604 means you will receive World Class Craftsmanship at Reasonable Prices. Our qualified staff will set an appointment and provide a quote for the specific work you need to have completed to restore that wonderful natural beauty of  all your marble floors.

Your call to Clay Floors can also provide you with Marble Restoration, honing, cleaning, sealing and polishing on all types of marble, travertine, granite and limestone flooring; and  means you have the benefit of Clay Floors 25 years experience at your beckon call. Remember that we also offer holes filling, honing, diamond grinding, crystallization and restoration. Your floors never looked so good!

Clay Floors in Dallas can also provide these additional services for your convenience:

  • Complete marble restoration in your home, business or commercial setting for all your marble refinishing, travertine refinishing and limestone refinishing
  • Extensive cleaning and stripping on all your marble, travertine, and limestone floors
  • New Marble installation from your selections of travertine, limestone and granite of all kinds
  • Resurfacing those dull, scratched or worn marble floors will create a hard, smooth finish that resists soiling and stains
  • Set up routine cleaning of all your marble floors which will prevent damage and keep the marble beautiful
  • Remember the 3 most important terms in keeping your stone floors beautiful. Prevention, cleaning without damage and stain removal

Clay Floors will be prompt, schedule fast service, and give you reliable quality work at affordable rates. Why not call us right now at 972-463-6604 and get started.

Keith Clay has been in business for almost 28 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604.

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Surfaces Convention 2014What's New In 2014

Surfaces Attendance Up 7 Percent

Keith Clay Floors is excited to learn about What's Hot every year in the Flooring Industry. New products for flooring like wine barrel wood, wood vinyl plank flooring, and strand-woven bamboo are just a few of the exciting trends in flooring for homeowners, commercial flooring, and business  professionals and installers alike. The latest in green floors, Leeds certifications, and EPA regulations within the flooring professionals is an ever moving target. Demand drives many aspects and specifications for homeowners, commercial applications, and building professionals around the world. Keepping up with what you desire in every location is our goal for 2014.

Keith Clay Floors will be providing more information this year about the nuances of the flooring products available to you as a consumer here in the Dallas region. Regardless of whether you may be looking for flooring as a residential or commercial client, Clay Floors looks forward to a wonderful year in 2014 and hopes that you will choose Keith Clay Floors as your flooring professional and installer in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, and McKinney.

If you are unfamiliar with SURFACES, here is some information that will be of interest:

SURFACES is the largest US event that serves the floor covering industry here in North America and around the globe. This coveted annual event is held in Las Vegas, and brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world. Expectations are high about seeing the latest floor covering products, tools, services and technologies which have been added to the tools of installers around the country.

SURFACES also offers an unrivaled educational programs and networking opportunities for anyone in the industry. These superior seminars, workshops and classes are focused on increasing business opportunities and driving sales.

SURFACES is co-located with StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas and TileExpo to create The International Surface Event, which as become the largest, unparalleled event for the flooring, stone and tile industries around the world. Attendance at The International Surface Event, held Jan. 27-30 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, was up 7 percent over the 2013 show, according to Hanley Wood Exhibitions.

"Comprised of SURFACES | StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas | TileExpo, the event’s success is a strong indicator of the industry’s growth and bright future in a period of continued economic recovery, the company said in a statement.  This year’s show attracted exhibitors and attendees from 90 countries with significant representation from Italy, Germany, Spain, China, Canada and Mexico. A total of 706 exhibiting companies showcased their products and services on two floors of the convention center, covering approximately 350,000 total square feet." says Hanley Wood Exhibitions VP Diana Teague. “The International Surface Event 2014 was one of the strongest in recent history.” “You could feel the excitement throughout the halls, during all three days of the show.”

Statistics reported from many sources indicate that more than 80 percent of this year’s exhibitors signed up for next year’s TISE, slated for Jan. 20-23, 2015. The International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show will be held concurrently with Surfaces at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Jan. 20-22, 2015.

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Keith Clay has been in business for 30 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604.


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Keith Clay has been in business for 30 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604.