Does Humidity Affect My Hardwood Floor?

Just The Facts Please

Do you live in the South? Do you have humidity of more than 50% on a regular basis in your home? Did you know that moisture problems in wood floors can be caused by a variety of factors? Keith Clay Floors in Dallas can help you answer the tough questions about care and maintenance for your hardwood floors. The interaction between wood and air is not the only factor you may need to check into in making make sure your floor remains beautiful over time.

Wood is called a hygroscopic material. This words means readily absorbing moisture, as from the atmosphere. So, it means that wood floors absorb or loose moisture until equilibrium with the surrounding where it is has been reached. It's like water seeks it's own level, the comparison is the same. When the moisture content in a room changes, shrinking and cupping or crowning can happen.

How relative humidity affects wood is pretty simple. The direct relationship between moisture in wood, air humidity and air temperature is what tells you what will happen. It can either shrink or keep the moisture already there. Wood is said to be stable when you don't have changes, or in technical terms has reached equilibrium stage. Most manufacturers recommend that you keep wood stable.

Here at Keith Clay Floors in Dallas, we suggest that the manufacturer of your chosen flooring is the best standard to be followed. A lot depends on where we would be installing your selection. You will have to deal with different relative humidity condition depending on when and where the installation takes place. Another issue may be that average relative humidity differs between coastal areas and high desert and between summer and winter if you are not here in the Dallas Metroplex. This is the main reason why acclimation is an important step when installing hardwood floors.

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