Preventative Flooring Maintenance

You Can Solve Floor Problems Before They Start

You bought a home last year, with fantastic hardwood flooring. You are moved in, and now that summer is here, there may be some issues. Challenges that you didn't realize you would have. Loud squeaks, cold floors to the touch in winter, moisture and discoloration, and uneven planks are just a few of the flooring challenges you could be facing in your home.

While these types of issues may seem insurmountable at first glance, we have the perfect solution. Call and let Keith Clay Floors help you to prescribe just the right solution and get your problems solved.

Keith Clay Floors is now your Dallas Ft. Worth flooring expert

Whatever challenges you may be facing, inherited or brand new; now is the best time to address them to avoid costly repairs. You can even examine for any future potential issues; before it gets worse. If you haven't already experienced a challenge, then consider some preventative maintenance flooring assistance for your wood flooring to see if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Your kids' bathroom floor is always has standing puddle of water and you suspect it may be affecting the floor
  • Lately you have heard noise on floors upstairs which can be heard downstairs when the house is quiet
  • Exterior slab cracks have begun to appear in locations around the house, the garage and you know this house was built on a concrete slab. Should you have reason to expect cracks will soon appear in the concrete? If so, In turn, cracks would impact your wood, laminate, stone or tile floor
  • You experienced cold flooring over the winter. Wearing socks and slippers was your only defense this past year from having cold feet all the time
  • In the last few months, you have noticed that the subfloor in your home is more like a roller coaster of hills and valleys
  • You are wondering if you need to have new flooring installed; but you need a professional opinion of exactly what is going on with the sub flooring and the existing wood before you do something

All these conditions and more, can be corrected. As an expert flooring professional here in the North Dallas region, Keith Clay Floors understands all about your concerns. Only by full and proper evaluation can you get the right type of materials to solve the challenges you face. It's why we are here and have been for over 25 years. Believe us when we tell you literally we have seen it all through the years.

Surprisingly, each floor is different in finding the best solutions. Fulfilling the correct prescription always requires one thing up front that will assure that the correct repair is done. And it's a very simple thing. Correct diagnosis of the challenge/problem you have to deal with. Once we examine and see the truth about what is going on with your wood floor, then we can tell you what you need to have done.

You'll be introduced to several product choices if new materials are required. More often times than not, there is usually a good, better and best solution to consider. A good solution should do a reasonable job at a low price. A better solution will almost always be a total cure. And the best solutions offer a combination of characteristics that promise very impressive results.

All in all, you may just want to have warmer feet, but the best underlayments may add moisture control and great sound deadening in addition to superior insulation against heat loss. So it may not be just one answer.

Call us today here at Keith Clay Floors, you can give preventative flooring maintenance the chance to work it deserves. It will save you money in the long run. World Class Craftsmanship. Reasonable Prices. Call Us Today: 972-463-6604

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