What Criteria Do You Use For Qualifying A Green Floor

What Makes A Green Floor Green?

Providing consumers with choices for flooring materials is the normal way to conduct business both for residential and commercial floor products in today's economy. Offering a variety of products based on the criteria one establishes as 'Green', is a process that varies, depending on who you talk to. Often what one person considers green, is not considered 'Green' at all by others. A good way to settle this question is to begin with the evaluation process itself. In particular the criteria which is used to gauge green traits.

That said, Keith Clay Floors begins with the obvious, making the statement that it is difficult to evaluate any given product on its own merit without other things to consider. Let us begin by saying, our choices are limited to our alternatives we have immediate access to either locally or by placing an order for and be able to receive in a reasonable amount of time. Some could offer specials seasonally, or offer closeouts with major discounts. While these may not impact the green standard, one important factor to note is, what will be the least detrimental or most beneficial impact on the environment.

Often, there doesn't seem to be a perfect solution or criteria that will suffice for everyone; so we start with what we consider the best choices to be.

Each product decision will be determined by a balanced multi-faceted model approach. After a quick look at where the product location is, and what characteristics it needs to have; (like direct sun vs. humid location etc.), and colors needed. In addition you must have verified, current information about best practices accepted in the industry, (i.e.EPA Guidelines), and acceptance by your peers to make the best decision for your client or customer.

In general Keith Clay Floors agrees with the following criteria in determining a what is a Green Flooring Product, and we would like to present these points to you to use as guidelines when considering what a green product is for you.

Flooring Factors To Be Considered In Making A Decision If Something Is A Green Floors:

  • Keep it Simple And Consistent with EPA Guidelines
  • Maintain Consistent Flooring Categories During This Process
  • All Parties Adopt Environmental Practices
  • Manufacturing Processes Are Not Detrimental To The Environment
  • Agree That Distribution, Packaging, Transportation, Environmentally Friendly Leed Credits Apply
  • The Flooring Materials & Can Be Replaced Within A Lifetime Of Years
  • These Same Products Made With Recycled Materials
  • These Recycled Products Can Be Disposed Of, Be Easily Reused, or Downsized For Another Product
  • These Flooring Products Are Toxin Free & Meet Air Quality Standards
  • Flooring Materials Have An Extended Life Cycle Which Reduces Costs & The Impact On The Environment
  • Installation Is Easy And Uses VOC Adhesives
  • Maintenance Is Friendly Uses Low Toxic Cleaning Materials & Saves Water In The Process
  • These Products Come From Forests Certified In Rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Understand That Purchasing These Products You Are Helping Conserve Forests With Responsible Wood

Green flooring is, and always has been, a huge part of the green building process, and whether you know it or not, it's usually the largest surface in a home. Stop and think about that for a few minutes. Along with the walls, the floor is in every room, outside on the patio or deck, and even in the garage. What is considered Green building also accounts for overall construction of the building, waste and materials used in every area of the home or building project.

Truly green building designs generally consist of products made from resources that are renewable, sustainable and/or made locally. Making sure that you are aware of what is Green, what is available in the selection process, and what options are recommended for your particular location should always be your first considerations. Once you know this, Keith Clay Floors is sure we can work together with you to find flooring solutions that you will be happy with for years to come. Call us today to discover what Green Flooring options are things to consider.

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