Timeless Flooring to Accent Decor

Traditional Hardwood Flooring

You have your dream home, or maybe you have the home you want and now want to enhance with flooring, decor, and accents. There are many reasons to enhance your home and maintain your investment. Especially if retirement is a consideration. Now may be the time to select your favorite look and feel for your home. Factors that determine selection are varied, but in general, the first is usually you really love wood. The way it looks, the way it accents your decor, the way it smells, it's really just beautiful. Statistics concur that traditional hardwood flooring coordinates with your home's existing cabinetry and woodworking. And that most people just really really love it.

Once you make a decision, then, the next item to consider is what type of hardwood do you select? It can be a solid hardwood product or perhaps the latest engineered hardwood construction that may appeal. Since nowadays hardwood flooring is durable and easy to maintain, there are a variety of name brands to choose from all of which improve the decor and enhance visually the selections of furniture and accessories you have. Solid wood flooring refers to hardwood flooring made from one solid piece of lumber. Solid wood flooring is available in a variety of sizes and species ranging from pine to Brazilian cherry. Hardwood products also include different gloss levels and surface treatments like hand-scraping or distressing. Any of these selections is fine and will totally complete that look you are trying to achieve. That visual you receive when you look across the living room with your favorite furnishings and say Ahh! the floor is so beautiful. That's what we want for you!

In addition, remember that if you aren't quite sure of the color, these selections from name brand stores have a variety of natural and stained visuals with tones and grain variations to further complete your dream home. If you know you want hardwoods, but may not know what will work best for your decor, location, or sub strait; then give Keith Clay a call at 972-463-6604. For 23 years we have made it our business to provide you with exactly what you need to best create and set the ambiance you are trying to achieve with your hardwood selections.

Traditional hardwood flooring details are our specialty. Keith Clay offers the the most timeless hardwood flooring with many selections of oak and maple which represent the most popular species in North America. These coordinate with cabinets and woodwork which has been made popular for centuries.

Highlighting the rich grains of oak and the more contemporary clean finishes of maple, these natural hardwood tones have beautiful stains that can add depth and character to your setting and withstand the test of time and all the wear and tear it has to offer.

Call us today, let Keith Clay Floors show you our specialty hardwood flooring products, discuss pricing, discussion your individual installation process, and let us provide you with an estimate. Hardwoods are our business, and we take into account all costs, measurements and considerations that will give you an accurate fully installed estimate that you are looking for. Call us today.

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