How Big Is The Green Movement?

Certified Companies On The Rise

How big is the green movement? You can't even imagine that in just one year, 10,000 people have been certified as a LEED Green Associate by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). This is a huge increase!

Our 10,000 LEED Green Associates represent the growing commitment of the workforce to building a green economy, said Peter Templeton, GBCI's president. These people are armed with the knowledge to affect change in our built environment and propel the mission of green building forward.

Templeton has also noted the LEED Green Associate exam tests for fundamental understanding of sustainable building practices and principles is specifically designed for people who work in industries that support sustainable building, such as manufacturing, sales, property management, marketing and many others.

Templeton added, earning the credential demonstrates a candidate's comprehensive and current knowledge of green building technologies and best practices. Sounds like Being Green is here to stay. Why not give us a call today and find out what you can do for your part on joining all the fun.

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