NeoCon 2010 Reigns Style

July Conventions Boasts New Trends

If you want to find out the latest trends in the Flooring Industry check out NeoCon 2010 in Chicago. Still going on, (July 5 - 12), this engaging convention has enjoyed a 10-percent increase in attendance over last year with a reported final tally of 41,081 visitors, according to Merchandise Mart Properties. Information received from Mark Falanga, the senior vice president, commercial furnishings, Merchandise Mart Properties, indicated that the mood of this years event was totally upbeat.

What's the scoop? Mark reports that NeoCon, specifiers and designers were talking about specific projects moving through the pipeline. These new that will be realized by Mart exhibitors over the course of this year and into next year.

Mark has also reported that while the commercial market may have slowed down in terms of business, in terms of style and design, things have never been better. It is reported that designers and architects shopping NeoCon 2010, are finding plenty of hard and soft surface flooring. Both interesting and delightful in exciting the senses, let's review a few things you may be interested in finding more about. Keith is happy to discuss these new trends, and to help you make the best decision about the right kind of flooring solutions for your home.

Resilient products is definitely a trend to watch. The term value engineering and green is a hot topic, and if you discuss exactitudes with Jeff Collum at CBC, he indicates that Salto Unica, a line of recycled limestone tile is getting the once over. This quality product boasts of green, value, and unique all in the same sentence.

Taking a unique place among flooring alternatives, Salto Unica recycled limestone tile truly brings forward thinking to high-traffic environments. Schools, retail areas, healthcare facilities and more benefit from Unica's beauty, durability and cost-effectiveness. And anyone who calls Earth home will appreciate Unica's remarkable 80% recycled content. Talk to Keith about this state of the art product for your business or home.

Another interesting flooring trend can be found in the Health Care Industry at large. According to Melissa Quick, marketing coordinator for Flexco, she reports that the commercial market is starting to bounce back a little quicker than anticipated with an increase in specifications. As far as trends in resilient, she noted, "€œdesigners are starting to go out of the box in health care. They are starting to ask for custom colors. They are getting more creative in a market where things are becoming more consumer-focused."

If your clinic, or office setting is set for a re-do; give Keith a call. Let him help you discover new options for color enhancements that will be the best of all worlds; for your daily enjoyment, as well as the client who comes for an appointment.

Ceramic tile - Have you heard or seen about the latest enhancements in digital printing? These state of the art product lines continue to revolutionize the ceramic tile industry. Check out some of the Tile of Spain, which is currently exhibiting some of its members new products, illustrated the possibilities you now may have in techniques for design.

Ryan Fasan, consultant for Tile of Spain, reports these enhancements have added the ability to capture natural products in even greater detail. Visually, they represent natural stones and wood designs. One company has even captured images of lapis lazuli and when produced no two will be alike. What a fabulous idea don't you think? Fasan went on to explain "It's one of the most revolutionary technologies that has happened in the tile industry," he said. Call Keith today and find out more about this hot new trend ceramic tile.

An extremely interesting concept that is creating quite a revolution in the ceramic tile world, is thin porcelain tiles — 3 to 6 millimeters and 50 percent lighter — that can go over existing tiles. Wow! Reports are clear this new concept can even be installed on the floor in a renovation situation. “It saves demolition costs and supports sustainability,” and would be an easy way for both homes and business to sustain lower remodeling costs across the board.

Laurie Lyza, director of marketing for Crossville, reports that contract project work is loosening up and is usually a good indicator of coming future business. Increased traffic at this wonderful show has also provided a venue for size, color, and increased market demographics across the board. Price points are of great consideration, and new product lines like Crossville Vista Americana is a manufacturer response to new demand for value centric products.

If you are unfamiliar with these Green recycled tiles, all colors contain post-industrial recycled content and will last for a lifetime, Vista Americana helps protect the landscape that inspired this new series. Ideal for both commercial floor applications, as well as residential floor applications, these 4 design friendly colors offer a variety of popular sizes for the most discriminating tastes.

Call us at Keith Clay Floors today. Find out more about what's Hot for flooring for your home or business.

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