Wood Refinishing And Cork Floors

Advantages Options To Consider

Are you tired of those funny sounds that wood floors sometimes make when you walk on them? Maybe you are just ready for a change. If you have older floors that are waxy and gummy and look really, really dingy, we have some options for you. Refinishing is an excellent way to keep what you have and keep it looking good. If that is an option you would like to consider, then give us a call. Now if you think it's time to check out some new types of floors that are becoming popular if you want to make a change.

Cork flooring is becoming an excellent choice for flooring. It's sustainable & environmentally friendly (cork oak trees re-grow this inner bark in a few years) so it's renewable, like giant bamboo is. Although giant bamboo is cut down, it's just a grass and it does get big really fast so that's the feature that makes it very “green”. Cork flooring usually comes in tile form and these do vary in quality and coloration, so checking out some samples may be the best way to go. Call us today at Keith Clay Floors, we will steer you in the right direction.

One advantage to cork flooring is that you will not be sticking to it. Cork can be sealed quite nicely so you won't worry about the porosity very much. Cork provides warmth and insulation and a certain “bounciness” to your floors. It's a new and quite in vogue flooring product for offices, especially. There are some sound insulating qualities which make it a great choice for the home office. Libraries, if you are so fortunate to have one of these book repositories in your home, or a den, also are good candidates for cork flooring. A lot of homeowners can install cork floors themselves but the product may not be available in all home improvement stores. You can look online at the various types, availability, and installation tips. Don't forget to ask us about the Bona System Line we use for quality green refinishing.

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