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Antique Heart Pine: Know More About The New Rage

Andrew Stratton reported today in the American Chronicle that Antique heart pine is all the rage for reclaimed hardwood floors for your home or business. He also states that “Wood floors made of oak, maple, birch; bamboo and pine have become dominant and popular in interior design classically and in recent years”. Of course most homeowners enjoy the classy appearance and durability that hard surface choices can bring to their homes, and with consumers becoming more attuned to ecologically wise products, wood floors and flooring has become a much sought after material. Naturally green, these reclaimed heart pine flooring products are all the rage.

In the discussion about heart pine, it's very interesting and extremely informative. The heart of wood is the very center cut, and is usually referred to simply as heartwood. Typically it is deeper in color and of high quality, resisting decay and holding up longer than the outer portions of a tree. This term Heart pine came from some of the older trees which were chopped down and utilized in building before the 1900's. Original settlers upon arrival in America, gathered huge trees which had ample supplies of heartwood for floors, beams and furniture. As the years moved along, trees began to be harvested at younger ages and therefore had less size and heartwood to offer.

Traditionally accepted definitions say that this term Antique heart pine, refers specifically to old reclaimed wood from this earlier era. The salvaged timber which has been recycled from old buildings made of this high quality center cut product mentioned above. Most comes from Old barns, industrial buildings and factories which are no longer inhabitable and older buildings that have been torn down. Their lumber from beams, flooring, walls and trim have been given a new lease on life by being made into these beautiful antique heart pine planks which can be utilized for flooring and furniture. Other sources of this high quality timber come from unexpected sources such as pickle vats, tobacco barrels, logging poles, crates and big heavy doors. Each special find is newly milled and becomes a log or a plank and has it's own unique visual story to tell.

Some additional facts you may be interested to find out about really speak to it inner construction. These fabulous new salvaged timbers have tighter rings and grain structure. They also have few flaws and knots because it has come from the prime source of a tree, the heart. In many cases, these hearts lend personality to their individual pieces, such as worm holes or nail holes which give it that one-of-a-kind character. The color is often a warm orange or pumpkin but can be darkened or altered with stain and finishing if so desired.

Most of this old recycled lumber is transformed by being cut into specified sizes then pushed through a milling process and turned into lovely usable planks. In today's markets, these pieces are beautiful planks that came from the stately established forests of yesteryear, but their second life helps to preserve the trees that are still growing today. We call it green… This option is lovely, durable and ecologically sound. What more could a homeowner ask for in a Green Floor?

Antique heart pine has been prized as building material since ages. By re-manufacturing this fine aged wood, Keith Clay and his professional staff are specialists that can provide a quality product that is unmatched by today's standards for beauty and durability. To know more, and talk about your specific needs, please call us right now at 972-463-6604. You'll be so glad you did.

American Chronicle - Andrew Stratton Information taken from the March 10, 2010 article titled Antique Heart Pine: Know More About The New Rage
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