Distinctive, Original and Beautiful Green Floors

Boasts Responsible Harvesting Practices

Distinctive, Original, and Beautiful: Let's talk about this Certified Green Flooring material made from Tigerwood. This wonderful exotic wood is known in the industry as A Certified Green Flooring Material. Responsible Harvesting Practices & FSC Certified Formats are a very important element today.

Tigerwood flooring and decking, is sometimes known as Goncalo Alves, is one of the most distinctive natural decking and natural flooring materials in the world. However, Tigerwood (sometimes also known as Bois de Zebre, or ""Zebrawood"", in French) bears a natural striking resemblance to its namesake: The background of Tigerwood hardwood floors & decking is a light yellow-orange to more distinct orange with a fine texture and a somewhat medium luster. Next, you find the distinctive bold black striping that completes this beautiful and exotic tiger-look of Tigerwood decking and flooring.

The Tigerwood Tree and Environmental Sustainability: The Origins of Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring & Decking, Responsible Harvesting Practices, and FSC Certified Formats.

Tigerwood is found in many places and climates throughout Central and South America, Caribbean, and at a range of altitudes, and predominantly in Neotropical forests. The tree itself is known to grow up to 3 feet in diameter, and reach heights of 120ft. Freshly cut, the Tigerwood log reveals brilliant orange tones with bold black striping.

Tigerwood products, have special care ensuring the integrity of the manufacturing process and is harvested in environmentally sustainable ways. Requesting FSC certified Tigerwood products assures that these precious woods are responsibly harvested. Another side benefit found in nature: Tigerwood is Ferociously Resistant: Floors and Decks are very durable and features a substantial Janka Hardness Ratings.

A Tigerwood floor will age well inside or outside. In a similar fashion to Ipe decking, if used outside, it will slowly undergo a color shift if left untreated and attain a distinguished silvery-gray shade over time. Tigerwood decks feature great resistance to rot and decay, with particular resistances to insects and fungus. This is an exceptional quality to have in any home or business and in any setting.

According to manufacturers: Additionally, Tigerwood flooring and decks do not require unsafe chemicals in order to protect the wood from wear and tear. A Tigerwood Floor or Deck has a Janka hardness rating which comes in at 1,850 pounds. Wow! This is vastly superior to most other hardwood products. If you have particular questions about Tigerwood, please give us a call today and find out more: 972-463-6604.

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