Cork: Improving On Nature

Green Benefits For Your Home

It's hard to improve on Mother Nature, but did you realize cork suppliers are doing just that? Improvements mean new products that offer even greater green benefits for the home today as well as commercial applications.

Cork is nature's special gift to the flooring industry. Used in commercial applications for its durability; cork is becoming a hot choice for residential homes due to the unique health and energy-saving benefits it offers to you the consumer. And, with more people becoming aware of it, more product options are being offered by cork flooring suppliers to meet the growing demand.

Often, cork was installed in the kitchen because of its comfort, warmth and durability. More recently cork floors are now being installed throughout the whole house because new flooring uses are being rediscovered. The natural attributes of cork also include comfort underfoot, fire resistance, insect resilience, anti-microbial properties, and thermal and acoustical insulation to help reduce power consumption and absorb noise.

Did you know that cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees? It is also a member of the beech family — in the Mediterranean, primarily in Portugal. The bark is peeled from the trees every nine years, a practice that actually helps the tree to thrive. What a wonderful idea to use something that makes a tree healthy. Trees are not cut down or harmed in any way as they regenerate; it is not unusual for a 200-year-old tree to continue to produce viable cork.

Today's cork floors are styled to meet a wide range of decorating needs for comfort and color. The look can be fine-grained, marbleized or even show a wood grain appearance in various shades and colors, from light honey to dark walnut.

It is also environmentally friendly from a cleaning perspective and needs only a damp mop — no chemicals. Pleasant to the touch with bare feet on a cold day, cork's tissue is a gaseous matter, it makes a great thermal and acoustical insulator. Happy Feet right...

Cork's durability extends to the fact that bugs, mold and even termites are repelled due to a naturally occurring waxy substance in the material called Suberin, which also prevents cork from rotting even when completely submerged under water for long periods of time. Lastly, cork does not spread flames nor does it release toxic gases during combustion.

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