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Clay Floors in Dallas Texas is here to provide you with carpet cleaning for your home or business. At only $35.00 per room, for a 3 room minimum; we invite you to call us today at 972-463-6604 or in Fort Worth at 817-663-5235 and request a scheduled carpet cleaning. For over 25 years, Keith Clay Floors has been serving the community with carpet installations, cleaning, for homes, business, school, institutions or exterior locations. Our professional carpet service technician will arrive to conduct a skilled analysis and assessment of your needs, and provide a written estimate before we begin any work.

If you’re a homeowner, then you’re probably quite proud of your home. As a commercial  business  keeping carpets clean and fresh is probably top of your priority list, even if it’s not always possible! Despite your best efforts at cleanliness though, it is inevitable that your carpet will eventually become the victim of drops, spills, accidents, and whatever’s on the bottom of your shoes.

At Keith Clay Floors, floors and carpets are our business. Our ongoing commitment to you is to provide excellent service, quality products and services faster, at more affordable rates, and then to make sure we take the time to clean up before we leave.In addition we also educate our clients on some simple processes to make do until we can get there and take a look at what needs to be done. Here are some handy things you can do temporarily until we get there to clean your carpet.

  • First Blot stains as soon as they happen. Try not to rub them. A drop or a spill on your carpet can be small or large but don’t panic. Waiting for us, you can dab stains with a clean cloth, paper towels, or a sponge. Blotting is key to the removal of a stain. Blotting puts a small amount of pressure on the stain to soak it up rather than moving it around. Since rubbing a stain causes the particles to get ground into the carpet fibers, and this can lead to the premature breakdown of your carpet fibers. If you always blot from the outside of the stain inward, it is possible not to spread more stain around. Try not to soak the carpet as you blot it.
  • Restaurant or commercial grease stains may be more difficult. If you take a paper towel or clean cloth and blot with water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid may help to cut through the grease. You can also mix it into a spray bottle before you blot till we can get there. Grease stains are tricky. You may need to do this multiple times for larger stains and again, be careful not to soak the carpet.
  • If a customer or child leaves chewing gum in the wrong place you don't want it to be tracked any further. Freeze the chewing gum ASAP with some ice cubes and once frozen lift up the glob as best you can. Try not to trim individual strands until we can look at the best solution. Another option in a commercial setting is very common. You step in chewing gum out on the street but don’t realize it until you tracked that gross, sticky mess onto the restaurant carpet. Just notify the manager quickly so we can be called.
  • Locations with heat dropped wax from candles can become a big mess while you wait for our professional technician to remove. Do not rub or apply water as this will cause the wax to penetrate the fibers. The best way to remove this wax is to have a professional heat it back up so it becomes liquid and can be removed. Call Clay Floors right away and we can schedule a time right away to come out and review the proper procedure to remove the wax.
  • If you have a pet accident, simply blot with a paper towel right away and soak up as much excess liquid as possible. Call Keith right away and let him know so he will bring the right cleaning product that will help break down the proteins left over from the urine, removing the smell as well as the impulse for the pet to urinate in the same spot again.

Simple guidelines can help till Clay Floors trained technician can properly take care of your challenge. Ultimately, there is no replacement for a professional deep carpet clean. If you have unwanted stains, odors, pet urine and grime in your household carpets contact Keith Clay Floors today for a superior result. Quality and World Class Craftsmanship, affordable prices 972-463-6604. We are waiting to take your call.

Keith Clay has been in business for 30 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know flooring and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604.


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