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floors650Today in flooring, the debate continues among floor covering trainers and sales people. Should floor installation be about fashion, color or design?  Here at Keith Clay Floors we believe it is all 3; wants, needs, means and more. First and foremost should be the consideration about floor use. Keeping use in mind eliminates the flooring types that will not work in that location. Now you can move forward to the selection process. Budget is the next consideration. Clearly this will eliminate additional considerations, and as a consumer will be able to continue the education process and narrow even further the options left which will meet your needs best.

As a trusted sales advisor, Keith Clay Floors will be able to provide the first two considerations for floor installation easily. The next steps in the process are all about you and your wants. How we handle this last step does let you know you can trust our 30 years experience in the flooring industry. When it comes to exclusive services we at Keith Clay Floors do our absolute best to achieve the highest service possible. Whether is it installation, refinishing, or maintenance we can help. We take care of professional maintenance and explain the proper home care of your floor. We have the skilled personnel to install your floors professionally giving you complete satisfaction.

Really, all things considered in the selection process, it all comes down to the old wants, needs and means debate. Wants are what we would like to have. You may want a big beautiful home or a fancy luxury car. Perhaps you have retired and now want wealth and fame to show in your home or institutional location. Some just want a great family situation and a comfortable life style. That’s the category that I fall into. Needs are the bare minimum we need to make it through life, like food, water, shelter, adequate flooring, and in my case, a good TV set. Our means dictate what level of our wants can be achieved. Our means tell us if we can have the luxury home or just a low-rent apartment. Throughout my learning curve as a sales professional, our owners and staff have heard it all. The bottom line being, let's get the right floor, at the price you can afford, and that will meet your wants, needs and desires based on market availability.

Conscience based sales is usually what works best. While we can always show you that most expensive flooring solution, we don't always go for a close on that expensive type of floor. Often times if you only try to sell what makes you the most money as a business; you may leave a lot on the table. At Keith Clay Floors, we don't always try to sell you the most expensive first. While you probably deserve the best, in all good conscience you really need to have the best you can afford.

The interview process here at Keith Clay Floor is straight forward. Function of the area. Traffic and how much. Family size and pets. Life of the floor expectations, are you moving in or out. Will you plan on upgrading and remodeling after the kids move out, or will you retire after this installation. Once Clay Floors understands these specifics; we can get down to business. Getting what you want, need, and can afford.

Keith Clay has been in business for almost 28 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. Dallas 972-463-6604 and Ft. Worth 817-663-5235.

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