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Replacement vs restoration is always an issue isn't it. Marble floor restoration, hardwood floor restoration, tile floor restoration, all have different considerations that may determine for you what is best for your location. Let's discuss marble floor restoration in Dallas right now. The ongoing price for marble restoration could come in on a bid at several times lower than entire floor, steps, counter-tops, and tiles replacement, depending on sub straight and location. Remember restoration is a big time saver. In commercial settings, work may be completed at night and will go a long way in not shutting down large areas in retail or commercial building settings.

Restoration on a marble floor means you can be seeing a smoother surface and beautiful shine, just like it was brand new. Grinding and polishing can be fixed over the entire surface on those deepest scratches or gaps. Using colored epoxy, especially designed for such works is always an option. You are asking yourself is it really possible. Let's explore here what may effect the answer to that question.

Can A Marble Restoration Look New?

  • Has Proper Care Been A Priority?
  • Has The Marble Lost The Original Shine?
  • Can It Be Brought Back To The Original Appearance?
  • What If Any Marble Related Damages Are There?

Marble loses its original appearance for many reasons. Daily wear and tear and improper care and maintenance are the biggest culprits. Clay Floors would like an opportunity to speak with you about protection and proper maintenance of your marble floor in Dallas. Keith understands the value of your one time investment of having a marble floor, and how important it is to keep them looking as new as ever over the life of the floor. Keith has a solution for you in the marble floor restoration process in Dallas, Frisco, Plano and Richardson. Call us today at 972-463-6604 and let us speak with you about bringing that marble floor back to life again.

Marble Restoration Considerations

Marble restoration requires skill. Clay Floors has 25 years experience. Marble restoration and granite restoration is definitely a process that requires special equipment, chemicals, abrasives, and Clay Floors is a professional. Since each floor is location specific, call us to come and discuss the elements needed to make your floor restoration a success. Take a look at some of those elements listed below.

Marble restoration may include:

  • Dull spot or etching removal from the surface
  • Chips & Cracks Repair
  • Marble Scratches & Marble Stains Removal
  • Marble Cleaning & Marble Refinishing
  • Marble Sealing & Marble Stain Proofing
  • Marble Grinding
  • Marble Polishing
  • Marble Buffing
  • Marble Crystallizing

If you have additional questions regarding the restoration of your marble, please let us know. Proper  marble restoration techniques and procedures are always a requirement. Wall and furniture protection issues may be specific for your site as well, and if diamond grinding will be required, water issues will need to be discussed ahead of time, so no other flooring is damaged.

Clay Floors understands the value of time and budget. Please contact us and let us to restore your marble to a greater level for reasonable price. Clay Floors in Dallas provides World Class Craftsmanship at Reasonable Prices in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, and all Dallas Suburbs. Call us today at 972-463-6604. A flooring professional is standing by to speak with you.

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