New Solutions For Wood Flooring Finishes

Site Cured Finishes

Do you have questions about the finishes on your wood floors?

New wood floors or old wood floors, Keith Clay has information about wood floor finishes you need to know.

It has been a tradition in the past for finished wood flooring clients to consider compromise in the areas of finishes. Namely drying times and durability are 2 of the main issues most people face when ever they install a new or refinish an old wood floor.

In the last few years new UV finishes cured on the job are now viable options that can be considered. This option is a real competitive advantage and if you are interested in finding out more about this for your home or business, please give us a call right now. Call Today: 972-463-6604

Factory Finished Flooring Systems - Technically, UV curable finishes is a UVa and a UVb light. The same light spectrum that cures most factory finished flooring and these portable systems when coupled with water based UV finish do allow new pre-finished technology to the job site. Here at Keith Clay floors, we try to help you maximize the life of the floor by helping to educate you the consumer about wood floor installation, maintenance, and preventative maintenance which can help you extend that floor life.

By carrying the proper equipment, Keith Clay Floors can cure the finishes of even the most difficult to reach flooring. Skin and eye protection is a safety requirement and we believe application of these UV finishes is best left to the professionals. The actual finishes are applied just as you would any other water based finish, and non-UV water based finishes. Dried and Cured are 2 different terms in the flooring industry and any questions you may have about the application of stains, sealers, and pre-finished products are eliminated with these new products. Proper products are required however to assure proper installation and finishes and thereby achieve the most beautiful looks you desire.

Here at Keith Clay Floors, our experiences with UV-curable coatings has been excellent for pad-and-recoats, stain jobs, commercial environments, high-end residential jobs, and any quick turn-around situations where you have furniture is moving in as soon as the floors are cured. These UV finishes and coatings are zero-VOC after the point of cure, cured 100 percent, and available for immediate use. This is a tremendous selling point to you as a potential client. Giving you peace of mind on the move in for you or your client is worth it all across the board - floor that is.

Call us today and ask about new technology that will increase the life of your beautiful wood floors and provide the beautiful finishes you desire. World Class Craftsmanship. Reasonable Prices. Call Today: 972-463-6604.

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